At the ASL of Vercelli Covid patients treated remotely with Tytocare telemedicine

Monitoring the health conditions of Covid-19 patients remotely, protecting collective safety: this happens at the ASL of Vercelli thanks to the new frontiers explored by Telemedicine which, in the emergency caused by the pandemic, can be a decisive ally.

At the Cavs di Gattinara – for the first time in Italy – Tyto, the device of the TytoCare line is being used. This device allows you to analyze the parameters of those who have contracted the Coronavirus by carrying out a remote consultation.

The project, born from the close synergy between Italy and Israel (home of Telemedicine) and developed by the ASL of Vercelli, was started by Dr. Ilan Misano – Technology Transfer consultant and telemedicine expert – in collaboration with Multimed Srl in the role of Device distributor and project manager.

The instrument immediately proved to be a winning ally for doctors, also for the possibility of attaching specific accessories, such as a stethoscope or otoscope.

The device allows for video consultations and is able to verify the crucial parameters of non-serious Covid19 patients, such as body temperature, respiration, heart rhythm and lung sound. In addition, it is capable of displaying HD images of the throat, ears and skin.

Operation is simple: Tyto connects via WIFI to the patient’s smartphone, communicating with the TytoCare app. Any general practitioner can then manage patients and view parameters remotely, on the TytoCare platform on his PC.

30 devices have been acquired by the ASL of Vercelli: they are used within the Covid Cavs in the area and at home, with the collaboration of patients and family members. “Technology – comments the coordinator for the Covid emergency Pietro Presti – is increasingly becoming a precious ally for local care and these devices represent a bridge between specialists and patients who, even at home, can receive care and indications therapeutic “.