Children assisted remotely thanks to Telemedicine at the time of Covid

About twenty young patients in the Hospital of Vercelli treated remotely.

Treating the youngest patients thanks to Telemedicine. There are already twenty children in the pediatric department of the ASL of Vercelli who, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, have been assisted thanks to technology.

The TytoCare device, distributed by Multimed, is in fact particularly functional due to its versatility: if necessary, it can in fact be transformed into a stethoscope, otoscope, camera and infrared thermometer.

From this point of view, the ASL Vercelli can boast an important record: it is the first in all of Piedmont to have launched an experiment that allows children who have contracted Covid-19 or who, in any case, live in family groups presenting a positive subject. In these cases, in fact, it is impossible to leave the house for a visit: this is when the instrumentation and a free app associated with a smartphone come to the rescue.  TytoCare, in fact, allows you to carry out a complete check-up of the child without being in the presence. All relevant parameters are monitored by remote control and provide for audio and video acquisitions, in full respect of privacy. Within the ASL of Vercelli there were 7 cases of newborns from a Covid positive mother and 3 cases of other positive patients. Some of them were foreigners, but this did not represent an obstacle for the device, equipped with a multilingual system. “With telemedicine – says Gianluca Cosi, head of Pediatrics, in the columns of ‘La Stampa’ – we were able to carry out regular visits, evaluating parameters such as respiratory dynamics, color, temperature and oxygenation. The experimentation started in the Covid era, but could prove to be very useful for the future management of children with chronic diseases “.