Here is Air Blue 330, the device that reduces the microbial load in the air

Multimed is pleased to announce that it has become the official distributor of Air Blue 330, an innovative device designed to reduce the microbial load present in the air. Medi Blue’s patented solution for environmental sanitation represents a new frontier of innovation.

The device has a flow rate of over 400 cubic meters per hour and a disinfection efficiency that exceeds 90%.

Air Blue owes its germicidal efficiency to the use of high doses of UV – C radiation and to some construction features that increase its effectiveness and allow it to be used in the presence of people, without side effects. UV – C radiation (at 253.7 nanometers) guarantees disinfectant efficacy against all forms of microbial life, while preventing the formation of resistant species.

Designed to allow easy maintenance, it is a safe and side-effect-free device.