In Borgosesia, Telemedicine reaches all compulsory schools

Borgosesia (VC) is the first municipality in Italy to establish Telemedicine in all compulsory schools, thanks to devices capable of communicating with pediatricians. The system used is TytoCare, the revolutionary device distributed by Multimed. The news was given in the regional edition of Tg3 and in a short time it spread throughout the country.

The health of children is therefore always monitored, thanks to the possibility of carrying out a remote medical examination device. The device, in fact, can measure in real time a series of crucial parameters such as temperature, heart sounds and saturation. The doctor receives these values ​​and can provide an immediate diagnosis, in order to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room or clinic, especially in a pandemic phase like the one we are going through.

For the parents interviewed, “telemedicine provides greater security, because the child’s situation is immediately assessed, without waiting”. In addition, they comment, “from the moment we are notified we have a margin of time to go to the institution and we know that our children are monitored”.

For the mayor of Borgosesia, Paolo Tiramani, it is “An avant-garde project, an act of love for our children, a demonstration that once again we are an avant-garde municipality”.