Medical heating mats: from Euromedical an ally for patient safety

Medical heating mats for the contrast of hypothermia in the perioperative setting represent a valid ally in ensuring the safety of patients.

Euromedical has designed them in such a way as to ensure maximum ease of use by operators: once turned on, the device begins to heat up until the temperature set on the electronic power supply is reached. Only the part in contact with the patient transfers the heating by conduction, while the rest of the mattress maintains an inert behavior.

A useful and intrinsically safe tool: it does not require thermocouples for temperature control and has a power supply equipped with an electronic safety system that limits the secondary voltage and consequently the maximum heating, which reaches 40 °.

Composed of cohesive gel (supplied), the heating pad reduces the risk of pressure sores and distributes heat evenly.

The device is equipped with a SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) system, by means of which a very low safety voltage of class II is supplied to the heating mat, guaranteeing the safety of the patient from electric shocks. A resistance composed of carbon polymers, woven within a polyester fabric, allows the transfer of heat by conduction to the only part of the mattress in contact with the patient.

Thanks to their flexibility and a maximum thickness of 3mm, they adapt to any position of the operating table.

They also have numerous advantages over air systems: a stable heating temperature, no need for periodic replacement of EPA filters, absolute silence, a total weight not exceeding 3 kg, the need for a single disposable towel and full body heating.

The device is available both in the version for the entire length of the operating table, and in the transportable and autonomous thoracic cover version.