Medical heating mats

Ease of use: as soon as it is turned on, the mattress begins to heat until the temperature set on the electronic power supply is reached. Only the part in contact with the patient transfers the heating by conduction, the rest of the mattress has an inert behavior. Class IIa, BF medical device.

Intrinsically safe: they do not require thermocouples to control the temperature, the power supply contains an electronic safety system to limit the secondary voltage to the mattress and consequently the maximum heating of 40 ° C in accordance with EN80601-2-35. The supplied cohesive gel mat reduces the risk of pressure sores, guarantees the perfectly extended use of the heating mat, distributes heat evenly.

SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage): a very low safety voltage of class II, produced by transforming the power supply from 220Vac to 12Vac, is supplied to the heating mat, guaranteeing the patient’s safety from electric shocks.

Carbon polymers: a carbon resistance, woven inside a polyester fabric, allows the transfer of heat by conduction to the only part of the mattress in contact with the patient. Versatile: thanks to their flexibility and a maximum thickness of 3 mm, they adapt to any position of the operating table.

Finish: depending on the model, polyester or PVC, all latex free.

Transparent radios: during a computed tomography there are no interfering elements.

Thermodynamics: heat is transferred to the patient in contact with the mattress, naturally, from the bottom up. They do not require self-extinguishing characteristics: carbon fiber has a high joule effect with a consequent and rapid heat transfer but cannot ignite unless external temperatures exceed 3000 ° C.

Disposable covers: to complete the system, the single-patient covers of the COVER series are used, designed to thermally insulate the heating mattress and physically separate it from the patient.

Leakage currents: lower than the normal limits. Advantages compared to air systems: stable heating temperature, no need for periodic replacement of EPA filters, absolute silence, total weight not exceeding 3 kg, need for only one disposable sheet, full body heating The absence of air movement and interaction with the sterile field make it safe and comfortable for the operator.