TELEMEDICINE: Multimed innovation for Covid patients19

Monitoring the health conditions of Covid-19 patients remotely, protecting collective safety: this happens thanks to the new frontiers explored by Telemedicine and which, in the emergency caused by the pandemic, can be a decisive ally.

A project that speaks two languages, thanks to the close synergy between Italy and Israel, the startup nation par excellence, famous all over the world for its high ability to develop cybersecurity systems, advanced software and artificial intelligence models.

The initiative was developed by the ASL of Vercelli and started by Dr. Ilan Misano – Technology Transfer consultant and telemedicine expert – in collaboration with Multimed Srl in the role of direct sale of the TytoHome Device and project manager The device, born in Israel, is part of the TytoCare line: it allows video consultations and is able to verify the crucial parameters of non-serious Covid19 patients, such as body temperature, respiration, heart rhythm and lung sound. In addition, it is able to display HD images of the throat, ears and skin.

Operation is simple: TytoHome connects via bluetooth to the patient’s smartphone, communicating with the TytoCare app. Any general practitioner can then manage patients and view parameters remotely, on the TytoCare platform on his PC.

Today the project involves the Sant’Andrea hospital in Vercelli, together with residential care settings directly managed by the ASL: here the experimentation started in April, but in Israel and the USA the device has been used on thousands of patients, deploying excellent results.

Also for this reason the project is destined to naturally widen its field of application, being able to be easily replicated in other ASLs of the national territory. For further information, simply contact Multimed Srl.