TytoCare system won the prestigious “North America Company of the year” award

Satisfaction for Multimed: the exclusive distributor of the device in Italy

The TytoCare Telemedicine system was awarded the prestigious “North America Company of the Year Award” at the 2020 edition of the award. The recognition came from Frost & Sullivan who stated how TytoCare’s innovative solutions have changed the field of telemedicine – especially during the current pandemic – making the remote medical examination experience more comfortable and accessible for patients.

In particular, it was found that the portable exam kit is able to put patients and doctors in contact, allowing tests, diagnoses and the release of prescriptions on request, anytime and anywhere.

A great milestone also reached for Multimed, the exclusive distributor of the device in Italy.

“TytoCare – reads the reasons for the award – is a digital platform with unique characteristics, which has created a superior experience for both patients and doctors. The platform supports the possibility of carrying out an accurate examination of the patient’s main vital parameters “.

The device, born in Israel, is part of the TytoCare line: it allows video consultations and is able to verify the crucial parameters of non-serious Covid19 patients, such as body temperature, respiration, heart rhythm and lung sound. In addition, it is able to display HD images of the throat, ears and skin. Operation is simple: TytoHome connects via bluetooth to the patient’s smartphone, communicating with the TytoCare app. Any general practitioner can then manage patients and view parameters remotely, on the TytoCare platform on his PC.